For over twenty years I have lived and worked in my community and built a reputation as a realtor who delivers results for my clients. Whether you are a buyer or seller, I’ll help you make the right choices on the path to a successful property transaction. I’m here to help with any questions.

– Teresa Baum, Realtor COMPASS



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Take advantage of property appreciation while generating cash flow with Compass rental services in the Piedmont, Berkeley and Oakland areas.

Because of her expertise we got so much more than our asking price. It was more than we could have imagined. Even if we had gotten our asking price we would have been thrilled with her professionalism organization and humor through out the process.
— Kathleen Christiansen, Seller, 29 Lake

An Early Look at Properties Coming Soon!

Teresa was extremely honest, both as my agent and a liaison. Her integrity, insights, conviction, commitment, savvy and honesty should be kind of benchmark that anyone looking for an agent should employ when evaluating and considering their choices. I feel fortunate to have worked with her
— Akine Prince
We were greatly impressed with Teresa’s professionalism, business savvy and know-how. Not only did she navigate us through the sales process, she also coordinated the entire preparation of the property with expertise. If all these attributes are not enough, Teresa is - on a personal level - a very kind and caring person and has a great sense of humor. You simply cannot find a better real estate agent in the East Bay!
— Christine S., Happy Seller

Realtor.com sent Golden State Warriors All-Star Draymond Green undercover, disguised as a trainee Realtor with Teresa Baum from Compass. Through hidden cameras around the home, watch the hilarity that ensues when "Ray" takes a group of unsuspecting home buyers on an open house tour in Oakland, CA.